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You need to distribute the app using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution such as Jamf Pro and implement Manage App Configuration to customize settings.  Also, the app leverages leverages iOS autonomous Single App Mode (ASAM).

Managed App Config settings

URL key: URL to display in app or default home page when BROWSER_MODE is enabled.

MAINTENANCE_MODE key: Set to “ON” to display static image and provide user a visual that the device is not available.

BROWSER_MODE key: Set to “ON” to display browser navigation bar and provide user an interactive method to navigate web sites.

BROWSER_BAR_NO_EDIT key: Set to “ON” to disable the ability to edit the URL address bar.  Use with content filter via config profile to lock down device to specific website.

REMOTE_LOCK key: Set to “ON” to remotely trigger Autonomous Single App Mode.  Requires supervised device and config profile with ASAM restriction payload.  Green bar will be displayed at bottom of app if ASAM is enabled.  Gray bar indicates ASAM is not enabled, but REMOTE_LOCK is attempting to enable.

PRIVATE_BROWSING key: Set to “ON” to enable private browsing mode. While in private browsing mode, the app stores web browsing data in non-persistent local data store similar to Safari using Private Browsing mode.

RESET_TIMER  key: Set integer value (in seconds) to set an automatic timer to clear browser data and return to default home page. Timer will not activate if already at homepage. Timer is disable by default or disabled with value of 0. (new in version 2.2)

QUERY_URL_STRING  key: Advanced option used with REMOTE_LOCK to support automatically unlocking app when a specific URL is presented. Set value to string contained in URL to be unlocked. Supports completed surveys/forms. (new in version 2.3)

QR_CODE key: Set to “ON” to enable camera button on button of screen to read QR codes. (new in version 2.5)

LAUNCH_DELAY key: Set integer value in seconds. App launch delay required for some implementations if device restarted in Single App Mode. (new in version 2.5)

App Config template


Autonomous Single App Mode Requirements

  1. supervised device
  2. config profile (restriction payload) installed on device

Using Jamf Pro, configuration profiles>restrictions payload>iOS>applications>

bundle ID: com.aaronmaxim.ManagedView

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